Dan Wesson Revolver barrel tool. . . . . . . . . . . .$33.00, $43.00, $53.00

I have long collected antique racing photographs as you might surmise from the illustrations found in this website. I have been fascinated with antique photographs for years and find them to be the only true time machine transporting us to an age no longer known, nor seen. Almost all of my collected images are one of a kind photographs that have been taken and discarded for whatever reasons. I managed to collect them and appreciate their nuances of a past way of life that was horse racing and in some cases horse showing. I tend to favor images that are not your classic and far more common actual race track racing scene. Those are a dime a dozen! Mine tend to be candid sights that show the backside life of horse racing and the people involved. Some of you may like to have these images framed and on display. I would like to offer poster size reprints of my old time images.

They are reproduced on 18" x 24" heavy paper stock (similar in size to a paperback book cover) by a digital printing roll press method. This method is better quality than traditional offset. The light fast properties are great! Placing a traditional offset printed color poster and this Xeikon printed color poster in direct sunlight for 12 months-the offset sheet faded almost completely white while my Xeikon printed piece has retained all of it's color. For the money, I doubt you could do much better than my quality of reproductions. The best way to mount these posters is by using a pressure sensitive adhesive such as 3M's Spray Mount or Super 77. You can also use sheet adhesive or double sided tape. Do not attempt a dry mount.

Many of my images on this site can be reproduced and you may write me for availability. Below are some examples of images for sale. Price $15.00 plus shipping. Write me at dahart@centurytel.net for availability.

(#018)     This is a limited edition print celebrating past fair horse racing in the small town of Hamilton, Missouri and its grandstand. Text reads: " A rare cabinet photograph (mid-1890s) of a racehorse taken within the town view of Hamilton, Missouri-probably in the vicinity of the old library building, just south of what was the train station. T. H. Hare was the first photographer to open up a studio in Hamilton around 1870 and this was an example of his work. "Mr. Hare was one of the town's peculiar characters. He was a photographer here since 1868 and finally had his gallery on south Main. He was quite a deep reader and was said to be an agnostic; at any rate he could argue for Ingersoll". The upper left photo is from a 1909 card advertising the Hamilton Chautauqua, nine day event, showing fair attendees walking along the turn of the race track. The lower left photo is that of the grandstand as it stood into the 1980s, labeled Legion Race Meet Memorial Park (circa 1940s). The upper right photo shows the grandstand and racetrack during the 1920s, labeled North Missouri Fair . The lower right photo is that of the Penny High School's stadium which took the place of the original grandstand after it was destroyed by a mysterious fire in the 1980s. Only racing ghosts are left now along with an original small round race office building in the back. On a quiet summer night, it is said hoof beats can still be heard, if one listens closely. Perhaps they can?"

(#019)      This is a limited edition print designed to describe what a true horseman should be by modifying Rudyard Kipling's Poem, IF. It is decorated with old photos. Price: $15.00

The poem reads:

If you can keep your head when all around you
Owners, grooms, punters lose theirs, blaming you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be bullied by expectation,
Or being lied about, yet never dealing in lies,
Or being intimidated without surrendering to intimidation,
And yet never look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream and not make dreams your master;
If you can think and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can race with Triumph or Disaster,
And treat those two imposters just the same;

If you can bear hearing the truth you have spoken,
Twisted by your detractors to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you have built your life on, broken,
Yet stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tack & tools;

If you can make one heap of all of your winnings,
And risk it on one promising colt prepped to come across,
Yet lose and start again at yours and his beginnings,
And never breathe a word to a soul of that loss,

If you can guide your horses' hearts and nerves and sinew,
To serve their well-being long after being race called-upon,
Conditioning them to persist when nothing is left to run through,
Other than the Will which says to them and you: "Hold On!"

If you can talk with the press and keep your virtue,
Or walk with the wealthy without losing the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men and horses count with you, but none too much,

If you can train the unforgiving mile & a quarter race,
With 120 seconds worth of honest run,
Yours is the racetrack with everything in its place,
And more over, you will be a horseman, my son!

This is a very unusual and interesting tray that seems  to show an  actual thoroughbred aluminum race plate nailed on the hoof!  It is cast in a heavy metal, probably bronze.   This is not a common, cheaply made souvenir  trinket!  The casting detail is sharp and crisp, showing skilled workmanship and casting skills.   What is the story behind it?  I have no idea.  I only know that most trays have generic horse shoes.  Not this one!  If I had to guess, perhaps a resident artist / sculptor at the Taos Art Gallery was asked to do a limited edition art work for that business? At any rate, it is a piece of art within itself.   It measures 3.75" x 3.75"  and weighs  a hefty  10 ounces.  Free shipping in the USA.   Price: $50.00
I picked this Walt Roberts limited edition bronze up a number of years ago being attracted by the sculptor's craftsmanship and since the subject was a racehorse tacked up in race bridle, D-snaffle, and blinker hood.  It also has a bronze race plate attached that can act as a doorknocker if placed on a door.   Though I am not a fan of quarter horses,  this was sculpted from the likeness of the famed racehorse, First Down Dash.   He is arguably the greatest quarter horse race sire of all time. Bred by A.F. Stanley Jr. and B.F. Phillips Jr. out of the Gallant Jet mare First Prize Rose.  He has enough thoroughbred blood in him for me to forgive him for being a quarter horse.   Under the plate on the bronze's edge is engraved the name "First Down Dash,  52/150,  Walt Roberts".    10.5"  x 4.5"  x 7 inches,  Lost wax Cast Bronze, hollow.  Heavy piece!  Free  shipping in the USA.   It can easily be hung from a door or wall by inside brackets.   Price:   US$500  Free shipping in USA.

This is a  limited edition solid bronze of a jockey  sculpted by Barvo  Walker of Dallas, Texas and commissioned by Oaklawn Park  race  track in 1987.  It is  cast 130/1000 and signed by the artist.  It stands 10.5" high and weighs over 6 pounds. Cast in the lost wax method.    Price:   $250,   Free shipping in USA.
The Art of Race Riding

Limited Edition portfolio and text (#403 of an edition of 500)

by Eddie Arcaro

(ten lithographs by Robert Riger)

Most horsemen will not appreciate how important Eddie Arcaro's views on his riding style are to winning races in these modern times. The current adulterated style of how our jocks ride is pretty much taken for granted, never questioned.  In this case, the valuable lessons of the past have been lost by our current crop of trainers and riders with only a few old timers remembering. This 1957 commentary needs to be revived and not lost to the ages. For those of you that appreciate a well drawn horse plus the prose of a master jockey giving his secrets of race riding and winning races, this is a must have!  This is a rare art & text presentation that seldom comes up before the public with the complete array of lithographs. Eddie Arcaro epitomize the old time jockey who knew how to ride down low in the old aerodynamic style American race seat that I describe on my  Mouth/Seat web-page. Many modern jocks could learn a thing or two from simply studying what he had to say in this series.  I transcribed the 1957 Sports Illustrated Arcaro series on this web-site where you can read his advice along with viewing many of the drawings contained in this portfolio:
 Part 1,    Part 2,   Part 3,   Part 4,   Part 5 .

 Riger, Robert; & Arcaro, Eddie,  The Art Of Race Riding  1st US edition/1st printing (the signed/limited edition, #403 of 500 total copies). 31-page soft-cover book (12" x 16.5"). The book is near fine, pages white & unmarked, a red slip  case with embossed race saddle on front encloses the entire collection.  The very good cardboard covers that are hand-signed by Eddie Arcaro with a large ink signature in the middle of the front cover. All 10 of the original large lithographs (12" x 16.5") are present, all signed by Riger. All in near fine condition, clean on the images & signatures.   

The Color Plates:

Plate  1:     Eddie Arcaro

A portrait of the Jockey wearing the red and white silks designed for The Art of Race Riding series.  Sketched at Gulfstream Park in Florida, March, 1957.  It first appeared as the cover on the June 17, 1957  issue in Sports Illustrated.


Plate  2:     The  Master's Hands

This is the study of Arcaro's hands shows the reins and whip under standard racing conditions.

Plate  3:     Post Parade

The red coated outrider  leads the #2 horse in the parade past the stands before the race.

Plate  4:     To the Post

Arcaro and his mount as they enter onto the track.

Plate  5:     Pre-race gallop on the backstretch

Two views of the jockey getting the proper feel of his horse before the race.

Plate  6:     Position off the Lead Horse

Heading for the far turn, Arcaro waits for the right moment to make his move.

Plate  7:    Tight Spot at the Quarter Pole

A three horse squeeze at the head of the stretch forces Arcaro on the rail to switch the whip.

Plate  8:    Heading for Home

The lead horses make the turn for the run to the wire.

Plate  9:     The Hand Ride

The magnificent all-out ride of the horse's neck--not using the whip.

Plate 10:    The Finish

The perfect picture finish--the climax to the hand ride--the win!

Price . . . . . . . US$950.00 (free shipping and insurance in USA)
Plate # 4 in the ten lithograph series:  titled   "To the Post"
     I would like to offer to the public,  customized pedigree or family tree posters which can be used for racehorse, stallion, broodmare, show dog and family presentations.  They can be of various sizes, but the 18" x 27" is the average size which will go back 6 generations on both the sire (paternal) or dam (maternal) sides with the individual in the center.   A watermark of any  photo image you choose (i.e. win photo, etc)  can be placed on the poster as pictured below.   One can also have various photos along the edge as seen below.  For more information go to  Pedigree & Family Tree Custom Posters on this site.
Dental Physiological Meridians Poster

I would like to offer to you a unique new design for a Dental Meridians Poster that is easier to understand and esthetically more appealing than the jumbled complex ones out there currently on the market. It should be a superb addition to your office or clinic allowing patients to more easily understand the physiological relationships between specific teeth and organs, glands, painful joints, etc.

It is printed on 80# Satin finish cover stock with the more expensive lamination option which is a 1.5 mls clear glossy plastic finish. It is in a convenient size of 18" x 24" which is a nice large size, but not too large  to prevent it being easily framed without added expense.                                               

                                                                                                                                        price:    US$ 25.00